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    sending html email in BPM 11g


      Hi ,


      I have a requiremnet where i need to send html content s part of email body, Can somebody please help me. My J developer is crashing if i am putting the code


      concat('<!DOCTYPE html><html><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://XXX" type="text/css"><style>.outer-container {background-image: url("http://XXXXX")}</style><body class="portal"><a id="top"></a>

      <div class="outer-container"><div class="row top-line"><div class="col col6"> </div>

        </div><div class="container"><div class="row posrel"> <div class="col col3a"></div><div ><a href="http://www.masshiway.net/index.jsp"><img alt="Welcome" src="" align="left" style="margin:10px;border:none;" width="700" height="87"></a>

      </div></div><table border="1" height="550" width="99%" ><tr valign="top"><td><p><font size="4">Dear Applicant,<br><br>blah blah blah.<br><br>Your Application ID is:'," ",bpmn:getDataObject('Id')," ",'blah blah.<br><br>blah blah .Thank You,<br><br>ABC </font></p></a><br></td></tr><tr height="1%"></tr></table></div></div></div></body></html>')

      I was trying to use this expression in the content body in Notification activity.



      Any help is deeply appreciated.