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    Java script alert in button call and redirect with item value


      Hi All,


      My version is apex 4.1


      I have the below requirement , i have an IR which displays our master record , user has the ability to select the record using check box in the report .


      Process is , user will select one particular record or more than one and then he/she will call the button to process the job, button will redirect to next page , now my problem is , if user selected record doesnt have dept no (example) , then i dont need him redirect to next page but i need to display the pop error message to stay back them on the same page else they are allow to go to next page (i am populating two items in the next page)


      Currently ,i am using redirect to page in this application for the button , so i am passing the item value and redirect page number. Now i need to add alert as well as redirect if no error.

      How to i achieve this ? could some one please guide me?