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    Editable Interactive Report. Change the column dropdown filter list type.

    Richard Legge

      Hi All, I thought I had posted this, but I cannot find my post, so apologies if it turns up twice....


      APEX 4.2 XE 11.2


      Ive created an Editable interactive report.. It all works fine, and I have several columns that are Text, LOV and select list...


      However when I now click on a column header to filter, sort etc. the list in the dropdown box is the same format as the column itself. So if for example, I have a text box, then the dropdown list is also textboxes, if the column is an LOV column, then the dropdown filter is also a list of LOV fields. (Im assuming this is correct behaviour, in that it just inherits the parent column..)   So, I'd like to change the lists back to a standard display list so that they are tidy and usable...


      I think? I know what I have to do, which is either override the function that builds dropdown filter... or probably more simply, write a bit of JS/JQuery that changes the data for the dropdown lists....  Im still learning, so a bit of help would be appreciated..


      I think. (and please correct me if I'm talkiing rubbish...)   I need to find each of occurrence of the DIV with the ID that matches the dropdown box, then navigate through each entry, and change the structure...


      Currently the source for the dropdown fields looks like the following (for a text field..).:


      <div id="apexir_rollover_content">

          <a href="javascript:void(false);">

              <input type="text" value="24489" maxlength="2000" size="6" name="f06"></input>


          <a href="javascript:void(false);">

              <input type="text" value="N1021" maxlength="2000" size="6" name="f06"></input>




      How would I 1) iterate through each occurrence of div id="apexir_rollover_content" on my page, then having found it, for each one, how would I iterate through the list and change the line above from a text input to a standard list item...? Or is there a much simpler way of doing it??


      Kind Regards