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    In my FRA destination I am not seeing any archive log file *.arc. But standby is working fine



      SQL> show parameter recover;


      NAME                     TYPE     VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      db_recovery_file_dest             string     /db/app/orabackups

      db_recovery_file_dest_size         big integer 200G

      db_unrecoverable_scn_tracking         boolean     TRUE

      recovery_parallelism             integer     0


      RMAN> list archivelog all;


      using target database control file instead of recovery catalog

      specification does not match any archived log in the repository




      But my physical standby is working fine and there is no gab.


      What am I missing?


      Note: I am uisng rman command with delete input.


      But after several hours of rman backup, I am not see the archived log files.  The NAME column of the v$archived_log view shows the instance name not the archived_log file name. 


      This is happening only one some databases.