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    Need help about Financials Operating Unit Level Setup data object transforming


      Hi All,


      We met some issues while using iSetup to create new OU from existing one via 'Financials Operating Unit Level Setup’ template and need your help.


      We can perform Extracting successfully, but when we’re tring to proceed Transform, it seems iSetup can’t meet our expectation.


      Firstly, after succesful creation of the Transform for 'Financials Operating Unit Level Setup’.

      We clicked the transform icon and it led us to the Details page.

      However, we can’t search out any result on that page, is it a bug?



      If we didn’t performed ‘Transform All’, then there’s no row shows on Transform Details page so we can't make any transform, as below:





      But after performing a ‘Transform All’ task, revisite the Details page and unfreeze, Operating Units and Inventory Organizations became transformable, as shown in below screenshots.






      Secondly, we found the transformable data objects are so limited, even the whole Payable Options and Finacial Options doesn’t support, as well as the Operating Unit short code.


      Is there any documents indicating which data objects are transform supported? Or if there’s any sql query for it?


      Will be very appreciated if anyone can help.



      Genghua Guo