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    Two members with same formula producing different results. Is NONEMPTYMEMBER issue?

    Vijayamahantesh M

      Problem Description

      We have the same member formula on view member PER and PER_FY. But they are producing different results on the same POV.
      Note: PER retrieves on base calendar years like Jan:Dec where as PER_FY retrieves on fiscal calendar like Apr(FY):Mar(FY)

      Both members PER & PER_FY when have the NONEMPTYMEMBER condition  - They produce different result
      If PER_FY has the NONEMPTYMEMBER condition  commented - It produces the same result as of PER, But takes huge time and is not acceptable.
      For member PER, the NONEMPTYMEMBER condition if commented or uncommented - Always produces correct data

      Please let us know if there is way Essbase works on member farmula which is producing wrong data.

      Period Dimension

      |       |
      |       |----Q1
      |       |     |----Jan

      |       |     |----Feb

      |       |     |----Mar

      |       |----Q2

      |       |----Q3

      |       |----Q4

      |----YearTotal (FY)

      |       |

      |       |----Q1 (FY)

      |       |     |----Apr (FY)

      |       |     |----May (FY)

      |       |     |----Jun (FY)

      |       |----Q2 (FY)

      |       |----Q3 (FY)

      |       |----Q4 (FY)

      Excel Template
                                    JAN                FEB               MAR               Q1          Q1 (FY)
                                    LOADVIEW    LOADVIEW     LOADVIEW     PER       PER_FY
      Account1     Entity1  5                  10                   15                  10           #Missing