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    Essbase ASO Aggregation View on Member with Formula


      Hi All,


      I am trying to understand how ASO works with Aggreation Views.

      I have a simple scenario: Consider an ad-hoc Smart-view sheet with top level members on some dimension say Product & Entity for accounts A1 and A2.

      Now when we build the views, it will cache the values of these top level members from Product & Entity for accounts A1 and A2 and the retrieval will be faster - No question here.


      Now consider that on the same POV, I replace account A1, A2 with A3 which has member formula (A3 = A1+ A2)

      Since A3 is dynamic, Essbase cannot store or build views - No question here


      Now what will Essbase do ?

      Option 1- It will first aggregate all Product & Entity for Account A1 followed by A2 and then finally added them up to calculate A3

      Option 2 - Since the top level data of Product & Entity for accounts A1 & A2 are already cached in the view, just refer those values and add them up to calculate A3

      Option 3 - Anything else?


      Can someone help me understanding the above situation?

      Thanks in advance.