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    Deployments list erratic in WLS console

    Antti O.

      I have a problem where WebLogic Server 11gR1 deployments list contents change on each browser refresh in the WLS Console. These screenshots were taken on two consecutive browser refreshes of the same WLS Console:


      The contents of the list changes every time - sometimes it shows 3, sometimes 17 and sometimes all 20 deployments.


      The WLS instance was patched from 11gR1 PS4 to with Patch 16088411 (SU Patch: WLS PATCH SET UPDATE There are 5 managed servers and they are running a bunch of portlets and WebCenter The same patch has been applied on nine (9) different WLS instances in our environment and 3 instances in another environment running WebCenter, SOA Suite and custom apps. The problem with the deployments list has started occurring on 2 instances after the patch was applied.


      Is there any patch or workaround for this problem and has anyone else encountered this? I didn't find anything on the forums or by googling.