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    Master Details Report for pdf Printing



          Is there any way i can easily set up master details for printing i.e. under Application > Shared Components > Report Queries?

      I have successfully created simple pdf reports using these report queries and reports templates generated by BI Publisher Template Builder for Word. However, i'm stuck up at creating master detail report.

      Example setup : -

         I have three tables PERS_BASICDATA, PERS_JOBS & PERS_QUAL

      PERS_BASICDATA has PERS_ID & PERS_NAME              (Each person has single record)

      PERS_JOB has PERS_ID, JOB_ID & JOB_DETAILS             (Each pers_id has multiple record)

      PERS_QUAL has   PERS_ID, QUAL_ID & QUAL_DETAILS    (Each per_id has multiple quals)


      What i want a tabular report grouped by PERS_ID showing all details of a pers including multiple jobs and qualification details. So far, i'm unable to do it in APEX (while it is very easy in Report Builder 6i).

      Or in other words, how can i link multiple data sets (queries) to define a master-detail (or Parent - Child) report?

      Any suggestions / solution??? Please remember, it is demo setup, not the real one i'm using. In my setup, i have multiple complex queries in place of tables which needs to be linked basing on PERS_ID and final output to be a very wide table not having any duplicate values (same values to be grouped).


      I'm using Oracle APEX 4.2 with Oracle Database 11g. BI Pulisher is also 11g.


      Thanks in advance