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    How to pass the selected values of shuttle to next page

    Yong Huang

      Apex 4.2

      Oracle 11g


      Hi all,


      I faced odd issue that I can get the selected value of shuttle item and put it to item text successfully(displayed the correct value),

      then I have to pass the value to next page, so added a branch and pass this item text to another one on the next page, but I found another item text can't get the value.


      For example:



      Selected shuttle value -> : P1_TEXT

      Add a branch to redirect Page2, and pass : P1_TEXT to : P2_TEXT



      : P2_TEXT

      when redirect, P2_TEXT only get the first selected value.


      Please reference to the apex.oracle.com https://apexea.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=4550:20:107715205804158:::::

      workspace: susanhuangyong@gmail.com

      user: demo

      pass: demo

      looking forward to your help, thanks in advance