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    Disabling certificate validation not working.


      Hi there...


      1- I created a CA, and from that generated a certificate using openssl

      2- This certificate works perfectly fine with the integrated weblogic server i.e. the one that comes with JDeveloper under windows

      3- Using same settings under linux - production server - causes a certificate validation error.

      4- According to the documentation, at Configuring SSL , I am supposed to turn the validation off - I know I am not supposed to do so, but I just need to do it -.

      5- The command that is used to disable validation is not recognized. I am entering :


      ./java -Dweblogic.security.SSL.enforceConstraints=off weblogic.Admin


      kindly advice please.


      PS: weblogic.Admin is working fine, and weblogic.Admin help ALL works fine as well. So the problem is not in the paths. I assume I am using the wrong command syntax or something like that.