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    Using AME in supervisor hierarchy


      We are planning to move away from Position Hierarchy and use Supervisor hierarchy for Requisition approval in 12.1.3, due to its simple setup. Requisition approval is going to multiple levels as per approval limits and the requisition total amount.


      We have a simple job structure e.g. Associate, Manager, and Director. Each job has a fixed approval limit (e.g. £10K, £20K, £30K), but there are certain People who have higher approval limits. Like all managers have £20K approve limit but one particular manager ‘ABC’ has £30K approval limit. This case is true for almost all jobs; there are 1-2 exceptions in all jobs. They are individual people linked to a standard job.


      I am not sure how to handle this situation using AME in supervisor hierarchy. Can we write AME rule to increase approval limit of certain individuals, I think approval list is generated in the beginning..


      Thanks in advance.


      -  Gyan Sharma