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    ESSO-LM - Network Provider conflict prevents LM from interacting with applications


      Hi all,

      We are experiencing sporadic issues with ESSO-LM not responding properly to logon requests; specifically, not responding to pre-defined applications due to unpredictable changes occurring to the network provider registry entries. We are wondering if there are others experiencing this issue and if there is a known way to prevent this from happening. We found an article in the Knowledge Base that defines the cause and we can usually resolve the issue by following the steps given and making sure that the "ssonp" entry is placed at the front of the registry's network provider list. Apparently, there is a conflict with the Symantec Network Access Control process (SnacNP) placing itself at the beginning of the network provider list. This will happen sporadically, and we have yet to find what causes the change to occur. ESSO-LM will work without issues and then all of the sudden stop working, and we need to reset the provider list order. We are suspecting a Symantec process and when this happens, but cannot nail the cause down. Also, does anyone know why SSONP needs to be at the front of the provider list?

      Any help is appreciated - thanks.