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    Oracle EBS: change configuration in new server


      Good afternoon everyone.


      I'm newbie talking about administer the Oracle EBS.


      This is the scenario:

      Oracle Database

      Oracle EBS 12.1.3

      Single node configuration: database tier and application tier runs in the same server.

      OS: RHEL 5.7

      Virtual server.


      The IT guys have cloned the production server using the virtual server administration software in order to create a new virtual server for Development purposes. The production server was cloned successfully, the new development server has a hostname and IP address different from the production server.


      The IT department leader has requested me to work in the new development server. My target is to change the EBS configuration:

      1. Change the ORACLE_SID of Oracle Database.

      2. Change the ORACLE_HOME of Oracle Database and Applications: for example, current ORACLE_HOME is /u01/production and we need the ORACLE_HOME as /u01/development

      3. Change the user and group of owners  of Oracle database and Applications directories: for example, current owner of Oracle database directories is oramgr user and we need to change the owner to oradev user, same case for Applications: current owner of Applications directories is applmgr user and we need to change the owner to appldev user.


      Obviously, it is expected after do the changes, the Oracle DB and the Oracle Applications must be able to run normally, I mean use the oracle scripts to startup and shutdown the tiers.



      Is it possible to do the mentioned changes?

      Can you please guide me in order to do that?


      Thanks in advance guys!