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    Why does the Apex export file sometime change for no reason?

    Luis Cabral

      Hi there,


      I just did an export of an application I am working on in Apex 4.2 and I noticed that, for every report column API call (which are not few) a new attribute was added to the export file. This is an example:


      wwv_flow_api.create_report_columns (

        p_id=> 9764732184393296 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset,

        p_region_id=> 9764217086393291 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset,

        p_flow_id=> wwv_flow.g_flow_id,

        p_query_column_id=> 3,

        p_form_element_id=> null,

        p_column_alias=> 'COL03',

        p_column_display_sequence=> 3,

        p_column_heading=> 'Col03',


        p_heading_alignment=>'CENTER', <-- This line suddenly appeared in the export file for ALL report columns that didn't have it before



        p_sum_column=> 'N',

        p_hidden_column=> 'Y',


        p_report_column_width=> '1.66666666666666666666666666666666666667',

        p_is_required=> false,

        p_pk_col_source=> s,





      This is a live application and the only way to ensure that only the correct code is deployed to production is to use a DIFF tool to check the changes made.


      Needless to try to describe how frustrating and time-consuming this process is when dozens, if not hundreds, of changes suddenly appear in the export file for no reason. As far as I know, I didn't do any major (or global) changes to the application, Apex wasn't upgraded or anything else that could have triggered such changes.


      So I have two questions:


      - Why does this happen?

      - What can we do (or not do) so this doesn't happen again in the future?