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    ERPI Source Adapter load to FDM - No Records Found


      Hello All,


      I am trying to implement an FDM data load that pulls data from ERPI.  I setup the ERPI components and when I run the Data Load Rule in ERPi, I see results in the Data Load Workbench.  When I try to import the data (using the same data load rule) into FDM i get an error saying No records found for Load ID (###).  When I go to ERPI Process Details to see the log for Load ID (###) I see that records were processed and records were inserted into the TDATASEG table.  So it seems like the call to fTransferData in the GETDATA action script of the adapter doesn't seem to be pulling the correct data, or something is not configured correctly and it can't see the data.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Both ERPI and FDM are on Oracle databases.

      We are running



      Mike Lau