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    GRID Control JOB Systemvar Problem


      Hi there,


      we face a problem regarding the environment variables from Linux using OEMGC12 Job scheduler.


      We need to schedule daily/weekly oracle database 11 rman/dpump backups from OEMGC12. The Agent that call Linux system scripts rewrite all system variables

      regarding the database installation with core information from the agent.



      ORACLE_HOME=/...11R2/db/ into ORACLE_HOME=/../12/core....


      We try setting ORACELE_HOME, SID and PATH in script but there are to many other VARS there needs to be rewritten.

      We are trying to migrate from OEMGC 11 to 12 and I think in OEMGC 11 not doing this.

      We do not have time to change hundreds of system scripts.

      Why do the agent/scheduler do this and how we can stop it.


      Thanks for help.