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    Unable to submit the form (Bad Request: Invalid Request)

    Rajendar Pilli

      Hello Experts,


      We have custom form in webcenter sites, From the site when we try to submit then the page is redirecting to Login page of the WCS application(http://localhost:8080/cs).

      In contributor mode if i preview the form page, and if I try to submit the form, then I am not facing any issues.


      When we try it in Browser with Site ULR, we are facing issue,

      Below is the log entry:

      [2014-08-11 13:05:10,339 EDT] [ERROR] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [logging.cs.auth.request] Bad Request: Invalid Request


      Could you please help me out in debugging this issue.


      Thank you,

      Rajenda Pilli