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    WCS Online Backup of Delivery System


      Hello all,

      The Oracle WebCenter Sites Backup and Recovery Guide , http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29495_01/doc.1111/webcenter_sites_11gr1_backup_recovery.pdf, states the following:


      "Before backing up any part of WebCenter Sites, it is best to shut down the application

      server. If you must make a live backup of WebCenter Sites, ensure the site is not in use

      and no requests are being made to the application server."


      In an environment where the Authoring/Management system is separate from the Delivery system, I would think the above statement is referring to the Authoring system only?

      So, the backup process would be as follows:


      1. Shutdown Authoring app server.
      2. Take cold backup of Authoring database.
      3. Take backup of Authoring filesystem.
      4. Take hot backup of Delivery database.
      5. Take backup of Delivery Filesystem.
      6. Start Authoring app server.


      The above process will ensure that the customer-facing site(Delivery) is always up and available to customers. Can someone please confirm if the above backup process is valid for WCS and if my understanding is correct?  




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          Hello Zabai,


          as far as I know the guide you linked has been written with a generic WebCenter Sites environment in mind, I do not think that it makes a distinction between delivery and management sites instances. I can understand that is not ideal but customers can perform cold backups of delivery during scheduled maintenance windows .


          I am not aware of existing issues with customers performing hot-backups while the site is being accessed. But it is most likely something that has not been intensively tested, unexpected side effects could still happen.

          I can see how the DB could be under stress during the backup process and this could have in turn a detrimental effect on the performances of Sites. At the very least you should make sure that there are no publishing jobs scheduled when the backup is supposed to run, and if possible make it run during low traffic hours .




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            Thanks for the reply, Pietro.

            Yes, the backup will be done while there's no publishing being done i.e. Authoring app server will be down, but delivery app server will be up. Also, the backup will be down during low user traffic.

            I just wanted to ensure there are no adverse functional implications or data inconsistencies if a hot backup was taken of the Delivery database and filesystem, while the system was up and running.


            It sounds like there are no issues, apart from a slight performance degradation, which is expected.