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    Latest CPU patches for 10.1.2 & 10.1.3 HOMES on a EBS Instance

    Craig Moore

      I would like to apply CPU patches to 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 Homes of an EBS instance, but I am not quiet sure about the steps that are refferred in the readmes of the respective patches. Could someone please help me in figuring out the right steps?


      Latest CPU patches:

      10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME --- 12837860

      10.1.3 IAS_HOME --- 16802901



      EBS R12(12.1.3)



      Steps that are required on 10.1.2 HOME:


      Section 3, Pre-Installation Information and Procedures

          make sure all the pre-reqs are met.

      Section 6, Installing CPUOct2011 into the Middle Tier Home

          step 2) unzip  p12837860_10123_<platform>.zip

              cd 12837860

              opatch napply


      Steps that are required on 10.1.3 HOME:


      Section 4, Installing CPUJul2013 into the Middle Tier Home

          step 1) unzip p16802901_101350_<platform>.zip

              cd 16802901

              opatch napply