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    port 11i code that uses plsql cartridge to r12.


      I have a 11i form that uses web.show_document to display a pdf, that uses a url that leverages the plsql cartridge.... unfortunately this does not port to r12 because we can no longer leverage the plsql cartridge. what would be my options to achieve the same functionality in R12 ?


      here is my 11i code -




            p_url                    VARCHAR2(2000);   

            p_gfm_agent         VARCHAR2(255);    

            p_id number;



                          p_gfm_agent := fnd_web_config.gfm_agent;

                          p_id := NAME_IN('Form_Block.TRAN_ID');                 

                          p_url :=   fnd_web_config.gfm_agent||'/my_pkg.get_pdf?p_id='||p_id;



        END ;