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    BugReport: Berkeley DB 6.1.19 lang/java/libdb_java/db_java_wrap.c



      When using Berkeley DB 6.1.19. with Java API (JNI) there is a bug that prevents users from calling "Environment.lockVector()":


      Setting a lock timeout for the LockRequest and defining "LockRequestMode.GET_TIMEOUT" is not correctly mapped in the JNI implementation. Instead of setting "timeout", "op" is getting set. I found the error and fixed it for my local Installation:


      source file: lang/java/libdb_java/db_java_wrap.c line 1868 (Java_com_sleepycat_db_internal_db_1javaJNI_DbEnv_1lock_1vec):




       case DB_LOCK_GET_TIMEOUT:
          /* Needed: mode, timeout, obj. Returned: lock. */
      prereq->op = (db_lockop_t)(*jenv)->GetIntField(
              jenv, jlockreq, lockreq_timeout_fid);


      must be fixed to:


      prereq->timeout = (db_lockop_t)(*jenv)->GetIntField(
              jenv, jlockreq, lockreq_timeout_fid);