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    Shared nodes during import?  Lock icon vs no icon


      Hello All,

      I imported a hierarchy that included shared nodes.  During the import, shared nodes were created however when reviewing the Shared Info Property Tab for the shared node, the Shared Node Flag = False & the Primary Node Name = Shared0000:xxxx.  The shared node as displayed in the hierarchy does not have the lock icon.


      When adding the same shared member with an action script, the Shared Node Flag = True and the Primary Node Name = xxxxxxxx (does not include the Shared:0000).  Also the shared node displayed in the hierarchy has the lock icon.  The same happens when I manually add a shared node.


      Question:  Why isn't the Import handling the shared node the same as the action script or a manual node creation?  The issue here is that I can;t use the Primary Node Name when the shared nodes are loaded via an import.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance!