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    How do you activate recent changes to Messages?


      I have made changes to some of the messages found in Application Developer but I don't see where they are updating eventhough I click Save.  Another website mentioned running a concurrent job but that doesn't seem to help.


      Why you ask?  Increasing security and want to update message on the Change Password page when a user logs in for the first time.  I have figured out that PASSWORD_LONGER message is tied to the user form, trying to figure out which one is tied to the Change Password page.


      Anyone familiar with this in R12?

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          For those that are curious - my Change Password page finally updated and now I know that the message FND_SSO_PWD_TIP1 and TIP2 are the 2 messages that feed into this page.  However, it took 5-6 days before the change was active.  How can changes like this be updated faster?  I did try running the "Generate Messages" job but this had no effet.