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    Oracle AQ Adapter rollback


      Hello Gurus,

      I am having an issue with AQ rollback when any error happens in the process. My BPEL one-way composite basically polls AQ, transforms the message and then publishes on the JMS topic. My requirement is if JMS topic is down then the message should roll back.


      Currently if I use XA datasource with non-XA connection factory the message gets deleted from the AQ in case of error or success.

      If I use XA datasource with XA AQ connection factory the message stays on the AQ in case of error or success.


      I even tried with the below transaction properties, it still does not work.

      <property name="bpel.config.transaction" many="false" type="xs:string">required</property>

      <property name="bpel.config.oneWayDeliveryPolicy" many="false" type="xs:string">sync</property>

      Looks like the as soon as the control goes from AQ to BPEL, the transaction gets committed. I can see the green check mark next to Adapter in the instance flow from EM console.

      Any help is highly appreciated.