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    Passing huge data from ADF to PL/SQL




           I am designing an ADF application that integrates with Oracle Applications(E-business suite - R12).

      In couple of my pages, I have to accept the data from the user and process that data by invoking a custom PL/SQL procedure that in turn invokes seeded PL/SQL API to update the data in Oracle seeded tables. The page will have multi level view links. Header - Line - Line detail.


      As per my understanding, I have two options to design this:-

      Option 1. Create 3 local tables at each level(Header, Line and LineDetail). Create EOs based on them and then the VOs. When the user creates a new record, do the transaction in these local tables. Once the user saves the record, save all the data to the local tables and invoke the custom PL/SQL procedure. The PL/SQL procedure accesses the local tables to get the data, derive some additional data and invoke the seeded PL/SQL API.


      Option 2. Create Transient VOs to accept data from user. Once the user saves the record, retrieve all the data from all the transient VOs, populate in some Collection objects and pass those to the custom PL/SQL procedure for further processing. Here, I am apprehensive of the amount of data that has to be passed from App server to DB server using the CallableStatement in a custom way, as compared to what the framework does using BC.


      Please let me know your thoughts.