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    unauthenticated user access to a credential store

    Philipp Grigoryev

      Hey gurus,


      I do development for OIM so I asked my questions at Identitiy Management space initially but didn't get any response, so posting here as I wasn't able to post under Security space. I hope you can lit some light on my issue.


      I developed a plugin which runs for OIM on a WebLogic, but the context for OIM shows that user is unauthenticated (anonymous user generated a request for self-registration). All subsequent actions in the system inherit that context. So when in my triggered plugin I try to read a CSF for some credentials, I get Access Exception.


      My inquiry of a generic nature as I'd like to know if there is any way to overcome this limitation? My idea is based on the fact that a code (my plugin) runs on WebLogic server so it's kinda verified and should be allowed to read CS. I wonder if I need to do any type of additional configuration for that to happen.


      As I'm a novice a little bit to WebLogic, please forgive me if a question looks silly.


      Thanks in advance,