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    Unable to login to FDM Web client


      Hello Experts,

      I have a critical requirement like have to assign the access to FDM Webclient for this task i did the following things


      Created the user in shared services and assign the FDM Admin access

      Add that user under UserMaintanence in FDM Administration and given access to all the locations.


      But still I am getting the title error like Error: An error occurred logging on to the system. - Security authentication failure!,So could any one suggest me what are the things I need to take care even after doing the above steps.

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          Birla Santosh

          Have you checked Enable SSO in FDM web logon>?

          It should be under Integration Settings / Adminstration Settings

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            Hi Thanks for your reply,


            That particular user can login in one environment with out enable SSO  but with the same access user not able to login in the other environment,Did I miss anything in FDQM apart from the above steps ,So can we give individually Enable SSO Please suggest me what are the steps i need to do for giving the access in FDM.

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              You may also need to check in the FDM Load Balancer config dialog that you have added HSS (CSS) as an authentication provider, and that the ID used to connect across into Shared services is set up as a HSS Administrator. There is a Test button to allow this hookup to HSS to be tested.


              Once provisioned in HSS against the application, and then added inside FDM (with access to all or specific locations) the users should be able to get in.