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    Vanity URL issue




      I've been trying to get my head around vanity URLs and I'm having problems...


      I've got a relative web root set up that matches the prefix in the web.xml config file (using avi as an example)


      prefix: avi

      web root: /cs/avi


      I'm then using apache to rewrite all the urls from /* to /cs/avi/*


      This all works fine. However, the URLs accross the entire site in page content are then generated showing the prefix: ...com/cs/avi/etc


      How is this supposed to work? I want to be able to use vanity URLs for access and have the paths throughout the site without the prefix.


      I tried to use the /Site/?lookuphost=somevalue&lookuppage=somevalue which I had some success with, but I can't seem to make that work with satellite servers?


      Am I missing something?!

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          Stephan Da Silva-Oracle

          Hello Danuk,


          I don't believe you can get rid of the prefix if you're using the URLRewriteFilter.


          Using webserver rewrites to Sites?lookuphost=... is the way to go. It should work with Remote Satellite Server as well. There have been some bug fixes though. Are you on the latest patch? What kind of issues are you running into? Maybe Doc ID 1636486.1 can help.


          Kind regards,


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            Thanks for the reply!


            I can access pages etc using the Sites?lookuphost= on the actual content server, but my production and Satellite servers don't have a 'Sites' servlet and the Satellite servlet doesn't respond to the lookuphost parameters correctly:

            ss/Satellite?lookuppage=home&lookuphost=/cs/avi give:

            Content Server could not process the request


            Should the satellite supposed to respond to vanity requests in the same way?




            The logs seem to support my suspicion in that the satellite server is looking for a pagename parameter when I need to supply lookuphost and lookuppage:


            [2014-08-14 09:31:08,905 GMT] [ERROR] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [fatwire.logging.cs.request] COM.FutureTense.Common.ContentServerException: ContentServerException: (Client error :java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Satellite Server request for page unable to proceed: (pagename is missing).  Parameters: {Browser=Netscape, errno=0, SystemAssetsRoot=/cs/futuretense_cs/, empty=, lookuphost=/cs/avi, lookuppage=home, errdetail=0, null= } fetching data through Remote Satellite Server) Error code:BAD PARAMETER

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              Stephan Da Silva-Oracle

              Hello Danuk,


              Your Remote Satellite Server should have a filter for the Sites path in the web.xml:


              Do you have this? If not, are your production servers version


              Kind regards,


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                Yes it does.


                I can see content on the production installation of Sites at:



                However I can't see content on the satellite in the same location:


                I get an empty while page, which suggests the filter is kicking in, but the Satellite isn't responding properly. I know the content is there because I can access it on the satellite using the full pagename, c, cid URL.

                I just get a blank page. I believe there is no admin interface for the satellite as it's just a cache so unsure where to look to debug.

                Thanks for your help so far

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                  Stephan Da Silva-Oracle

                  Hello Danuk,


                  Did you check the logs (Remote Satellite Server's sites.log as well as the Sites sites.log and both appserver logs)?


                  Try setting logger oracle.fatwire.sites.webreference to DEBUG. On Remote Satellite Server you may need to do this by adding the logger in commons-logging.properties and restarting, as by default RSS doesn't use log4j and as you said, there's no admin interface. This logger may give some information as to what RSS is doing.


                  Kind regards,


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                    Just thought i'd follow up on this in-case anybody else has the same issues. It turns out the 404s request errors etc wall all due to numerous bugs with the release. Having patched the installation right up to Patch 6, all of the issues have gone away and vanity URLs do work correctly with the satellite servers using the format: