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    Near Real Time BIAPPS(7.9.6.x) reporting


      Hi All,

                 We are on EBS(12.1.3) & BIAPPS( We have a requirement to see GL data near real time. Is there any way I can schedule GL ONLY fact/Dimention extract on hourly basis and rest of the ledgers (AP/AR/PO) on nightly basis ? If yes how ?


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          Ahsan Shah

          couple of things.  If you are on OBIA 796x...you do have "Micro ETL option" to run certain Subject areas more frequently..however, this requirement makes no sense.  Your transactions go from Subledger (AP, AR, etc) to GL...so why would you want to do GL near real time but not the subledgers?  What is the business reason for this? If its for end of month reporting, I would not recommend you do this in OBIA.  If you try this approach, you may have data sync issues between AR/AP and GL.

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            We have a third party ledgers which updates GL via Financial Accounting Hub 2-3 times a day and user want up-to-date info in OBIA.

            I am not aware of "Micro ETL option". Could you let me know how to set it up or configure ?


            Thanks a lot for your reply.