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    ODP.NET Change_Notification/Oracle Dependency not working




      We've just recently upgraded our oracle server to (and I have upgraded the Oracle client as well to match) and since then, Oracle Cache Dependency is no longer working in my ASP.NET web applications. The cache never gets invalidated (notification is never sent to the server).


      I was wondering if there is a glitch with this release?


      I know in past releases, both the server and client needed to match up in order to avoid problems with cache not being invalidated, but I have the same versions for both. Also in past versions, you needed to run the following script to fix such problems with dependency:

      alter system set events '10867 trace name context forever, level 1';


      I have tried that as well and nothing works. The same exact code I have works perfectly fine on on both and So I'm wondering what was changed in in order for this no longer to work?


      Any insight you can provide would be very usefull.




      PS. I'm not pasting any code as I've mentioned above, everything works fine in and