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    Personalization: Columns Don't Match LOV


      Hi! I'm trying to personalize the LOV of the Approvals Form of Purchase Requisition.


      Currently, the LOV


      shows all Users that have the capacity to approve documents, but we are trying to restrict the values to the person directly above him/her in the Positions Hierarchy.

      This Automatically works to an Approver that has a single primary Position/Job. However, this does not work on a person that has a Secondary Position/Job. We would have to manually Select the person from the FORWARD_TO LOV.


      One way i thought of resolving this was via Personalize.

      I've created my own query but it keeps on showing that the Columns Don't Match the LOV.


      I've opened the POXDOAPP form and found that there are 3 possible sources for this LOV having slightly similar queries.


      I've checked the FORWARD_TO Field for an LOV, but it was null. I think it may be set programatically.


      I've even used the same queries from the form in the Personalization.

      But it still did not work.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!

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          Hi! i found out the solution to this.

          I opened the Standard Form POXREQERQ and POXDOAPP to find out the used tables and columns of the Query.

          I also used Trace with Binds from the diagnostics to know the exact query of the LOV.


          Also, some additional information:

          It seems that Oracle Standard Forms would still Require me to use their seeded tables even if i have the same LOV name.



          Standard Form uses TBL1 and TBL2


          SELECT  T1.COL1 name, T2.COL2 age

          FROM     TBL1 T1, TBL2 T2

          WHERE T1.ID = T2.ID;


          My (incorrect) Query is as shown below


          SELECT  T1.COL1 name, T2.COL2 age

          FROM     TBL1_NEW T1, TBL2_NEW T2

          WHERE T1.ID = T2.ID;


          this still wouldn't work even if i have the same column names because i used a different table in creating my LOV.


          If you want to filter out the data of a Seeded Query,

          just add some more clauses to the given SQL script.