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    Merging sub elements inside multiple xml files


      Hi All, I'm new to SOA/BPEL(Jdev I need to read N number of input xml files,

      merge the sub elements inside the input xml files and write to an output xml file.


      My bpel process is something like this:

      1.receive activity (numberOfInputFiles = N)

      2a.while not done processing N number of input files

      2b.receive activity input xml file location

      2c. fileAdapterRead input xml file

      2d.do something to merge sub elements inside input file

      3. fileAdapterWrite final merged output file


      I found some suggestions for step 2d:

      a. Use AppendXML parameter + File Adapter

      b. Create a variable, read content of input xml file into this variable,

      perform xslt to merge the input files

      c. Merge the xml files with java, via WS, perform the merging


      Can anyone give suggestion with more details since I'm new to SOA/BPEL?

      My input xml files could be very big in size (gigabytes). Would this cause any performance/out-of-memory issue for

      method a. or b. above?

      thanks in advance