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    Managed ODAC.NET


      I tried to get the oracle ODBC driver working with my application and had major issues with the x64 driver and after working with the 32 bit driver I discovered more the same.  So I am looking into writing a native link in my C# .net application.


      My application is compiling in "Any CPU" and I do not want to change that because of other bigger issues I'll have.


      My understanding with the issues on the x64 code was that numbers were being returned with a much bigger precision than what can be handled.  Will I still have these issues using the x64 ODAC.NET?


      I downloaded the 32bit ODAC.net for visual studio but when I add the reference to the library I get a processor mismatch error.  I found a post on here referring to using the managed odac.net but no link was provided so I did a search and found this:




      But when I click on download the latest odp.net I get a list of the same downloads I saw before:




      What is the path I need to pursue to link your dll into my app and will I still have issues with x64 as I did with the ODBC driver?


      Honestly, with all the libraries I use this one seems to be the worst for compatibility and confusion.  As a developer I shouldn't have to worry about making "work-arounds" for your library to use it.  I should just be able to link and code...


      Thanks for your help!