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    Mapviewer in OBIEE  - infowindow not coming for all zoom levels




      We have linked Navteq World sample data to our BI data. We have used M_COUNTRIES Theme , created a Base map and a tile layer with this theme and finally linked it with country dimension in OBIEE.

      Now, we have one issue - The small tooltip like information window , that comes while we do a mouse hover over the map points is not appearing at lower zoom levels.But it is appearing only after zooming in for 5-6 levels.

      I have tried with altering the scale size in base map, re created the tile within scale size of the base map etc, but it didn't help. Any suggestion please?


      Also, the map report doesn't work in ipad , it doesn't zoom in ipad and hence the information window not appearing at all. So I guess somehow if we can bring the information window at starting zoom levels, it will be solved. I see the demo Mobile BI server has a similar report, but not sure how it's done.


      Anyone worked in the similar area and faced similar issue? or I am missing something.