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    iSupplier Portal


      A Purchase Order with 1 line and 1 shipment of quantity 10 units and Need-By Date of 25-Aug-2014 is approved and made available to the supplier through iSupplier Portal.


      The Supplier requests a Change to the PO Line using the Split function. He splits the line into two; line 1, 6 units with a Promise Date of 25-Aug-2014; line 2, 4 units with a Promise Date of 30-Aug-2014. The Change Request is routed to the Buyer for approval. The Buyer accepts line 1 (6 units) but rejects line 2 (4 units). The Purchase Order is updated to now reflect 1 line and 1 shipment with quantity 6. No one knows whatever happened to the other 4 units except when they login to iSupplier Portal.


      Our take here is that since the 4 units were rejected by the Buyer, these should have been transferred back to the Requisition pool. And should have been made available for Auto-Create. But this not how it works.


      Anyone been in this situation? Would like to hear on this.