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    LCM migration from Live to Test - Hyperion




      I am trying to migrate my live application to a test instance. I have created the application in the test system and loaded data. However when i try to migrate separate artifacts, i get certain errors.


      I am on It is NOT a classic application


      The live system has 3 applications out of which only 1 is being used. (App A). I need to delete 'App B' and 'App C' from the live system. What is the correct procedure to do so?


      The test system has App A replicated on it.

      I migrated the Shared services artifacts relevant to 'App A' Only. The migration was successful.


      Then I tried to migrate the DefaultApplicationGroup - App A.


      The following are a few errors i get.

      Dimension Time Periods is not found in planning

      Dimension version is not found in planning.


      Both these errors are associated with data forms.


      There are further errors.

      "Import failed. Total - 13, Success - 0

      Error details - Cannot import Access

      permission - Object (E6) not found,

      error detail -(Invalid member name

      found in the file.) Cannot import

      Access permission - Object (ABC

      Consolidated) not found, error detail -(

      Invalid member name found in the file.)

      Cannot import Access permission -

      Object (ABC Subsidiary) not found"


      Though the error message says that certain members are missing, the members are available in the outline.


      When I tried to import the artifacts of Reporting and Analysis i get further errors.


      Appreciate if someone could shed some light in to what the problem is.