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    Experts give me solution How can i do this task?


      Dynamically user assignment to the task.

      BPM screen will have two fields:-  userid and assign button. .

        BPM user will enter particular user id in the input fields  and hit assign button.

        Task will appear to the inbox   of the that particular user.



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          Bhupinder Singh Puar



          Your question is bit unclear, What do you mean vy BPM screen? Is this screen created out of human task?


          Which task you want re-assign? Is it a current task or any other task?


          If you provide bit more information, it will be easy to give you right solution.



          Otherwise  standard approach to dynamically assign a task to particular user


          - go to assign section of human task

          - double click on default handler box

          - in pop up screen choose  name expression
          - to add user click on green button and selection expression

          - from your task payload select particular element which is having userid info.