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    SDK Download / example?




      I have downloaded the SDK for DRM and tried to run the example which is included in the download.


      Download: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/data-relationship-management/downloads/hyperion-data-relationship-1112-099389.html


      Since no manual / documentation is given and I am pretty new to this.... what are the mandatory steps to run the example? So far I did the following:


      1. In the folder HdrmSdk set the right paths for Java and Apache Ant in SAMPLE-SetLocal.cmd.


      2. In the file build-local.properties I have set the following options:




      Do I have to add the DRM applicationname or repository name to the connection?


      3. I tried to run the HdrmSdk11Application.jws file without success.


      Has anyone tried to run this example, if so, how ?