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    Tuxedo Informix example



      I created the RM for informix .


      But i don't have idea how to set the ubbconfig, i saw many forums

      and say:




      How i set the dbname in informix and more important how i set the username and password? Because my database is in another host.


      Thanks for you helps

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          Per Lindström



          I guess you found this link as well: need OPENINFO setting sample for informix/XA access


          It seems very relevant for your need. Now, I don't know anything about Informix in particular, but I guess you configure some kind of Informix environment where the dbname will resolve to a particular database instance, whether it's located on the same host or another host.


          Ask your friendly Informix DBA how the database environment should be set up on your Tuxedo host. It may involve installing some software and most probably also setting environment variables before you start your Tuxedo application.


          Hope this helps,