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    "Out of memory" error using SmartView v11., MS Excel 2007 & MS Win7 Prof SP1 (all 32-bit)


      Hi All,


      A user is regularly experiencing "Out of memory" error messages while retrieving large MS Excel 2007 worksheets (ad-hoc analysis; approx 700 rows by 13 columns) connected to a Planning cube via 32-bit SmartView v11. (Build 008) on a 32-bit MS Windows 7 Prof (SP1) computer with 4GB of RAM. The same user is reporting experiencing a number of other issues (eg, TCP-related time-out, unable to connect to the APS, SmartView add-in disappearing, etc) at the same time.


      I could not locate any specific KB document from the My Oracle Support website which addressed these specific issues all at once but from various posts out there, the recommendations to address similar issues were as follows:


      • Tick the Options > Display > Reduce Excel file size option;
      • Tick the Options > Display > Improve metadata storage option;
      • Rebuild the MS Excel workbook from scratch;
      • Delete all temp files located in the C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Temp directory;
      • Disable auto-recovery for MS Excel;
      • Add misc TCP-related registry entries (eg, TcpTimedWaitDelay, MaxUserPort, MaxFreeTcbs, etc) on both the client PC and server;
      • Adjust MS Windows for best performance;
      • Increase the page file by 25%-50% more than the physical amount of RAM installed on the client PC;
      • Relocate the page file to a different drive as compared to the drive where MS Windows is installed on the client PC;


      On top of the above, are there any other recommendations anyone else would like to share to address the "Out of memory" issue?


      Many thanks in advance,