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    Planning composite Form Help


      Hi All,


      I have a composite form with two simple forms(Displayed as Tab). There are two different rule attached to the simple forms.


      When I select the Form1 and enter some data and submit , it is also running the rule which is attached to Form2 and When I select the Form2 and enter some data and submit , it is running the rule which is attached to Form1. I am not sure if this is the way a composite form should work.


      What I am looking is: when I submit the form1 as active tab. It should run only the rule which is attached to the Form1 not Form2 and vice versa. Please let me know if this possible or if there is any work around.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Amit Khanna



          Seems you have attached the rules to the composite form directly.

          Instead of attaching the rule directly to the Composite form, attach "Business Rules from <formname>' to the composite form .  This will internally attach rules from individual data forms and, at runtime, should pick up the launch value.


          Hope this Helps.....



          Amit Khanna

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            Hi Amit,


            The solution works perfect for tab layout composite form. But it is not working for multiple forms showing on the same page. Any suggestion? Thank you!




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              Anthony Dodds



              This is known/expected behavior with tabbed composite forms in certain situations. If you have a composite form that has tabs, and the page on both tabs is set to LOCAL in the composite form setup, or the page dimension setup in the simple forms means that the list of selected members in the page are not exactly the same in both forms, then planning will run all rules that have been selected in the composite form to run on save. Interestingly this doesnt happen in Smartview and your requirement is met there.


              To be honest, if i had two forms that required two different calculations on save then i wouldnt make one composite form with both on. I would have two tasks in a task list that linked to two simple forms. Usually a composite form should be a group a forms that have a common theme/process to what you are doing and therefore one calculation or a sequence of calculations should be set to run on save of the composite form.


              Another option is to use menus on each form instead that will run the focused calculation for that form





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                Hi All - Thansk for the reply.


                Anthony - Even in SmartView, it is the same thing. saving the data in one simple webform(sheet1) run the rules in another webform(sheet2)


                I am in version


                The client is not using task list as of now and they are looking for one form instead of two simple form, so the challanges.