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    Creating conditional UDA




      I need to create a conditional dynamic UDA named "Others" to include members that has values less than a specific number to be showed in a report. Is it possible? If yes, how?


      I'm using version




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          Amit Khanna

          Hi Ahmed,


          I don't know any way to create "dynamic UDA" .


          If I get your question right then you want the text "Others" to be shown against the cells which satisfies a some condition in the reports.

          If this is the case then you can use IfThen() in a formula column in the report.

          After that, use conditional formatting and replace the value with the text you want to show.


          As an illustration say column a has certain data and we want to show "Others" with the data value >500. Then


          1. Create a formula column.

          2. In the formula bar, use IfThen(row[1]>500,1,0)

          3. With the above steps if the value is > 500 1 will be shown in the formula column. Now format the cell in which you have entered the formula with the condition if the value = 1 then replace the cell content by "Others".


          Hope this Helps..........



          Amit Khanna

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            Hi Amit,


            Thanks for your explanation. It really adds value to me.


            Actually my case is that when a some account members are less than a specific number, they should be appeared as "Others" plus the user can press on "Others" to show the details of members that meet the condition (drill down). I hope I could explained my case.




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              Amit Khanna

              Hi Ahmed,


              You can give the name as "Others" and show only the contents as per your UDA specifications but I am not able to figure out to consolidate them.

              Nevertheless, for selecting as per the UDA, you will have to tag the members with the UDA( This can be done by selecting multiple members, right click and edit properties)


              Now, select the row/column at which you are using Account member( double-click)

              In the List tab select the levels at which your mwmbers resides.

              In the function tab, select property

              Select UDA, it's name and =

              click ok and change the operator to And.

              click ok.
              Note : Give a custom heading and don't check Place in separate rows/columns.


              The result will look something like this:


              I would request the consolidation part from other experts.


              Hope this Helps....



              Amit Khanna