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    Data Integrity issue while using Transparent Partitioning and Dataload Rule file at the same Database in Hyperion essbase


      Hi All,


      Can anyone help me in resolving this issue



      We have two Applications one is Planning BSO with three dbs INCSTMT, REVENUE & CAPITAL while one Reporting ASO cube.

      We are trying to create a transparent partition between INCSTMT & Reporting for one Scenario -> (Projection-> Working), while for the other Scenario (Actual-> Final), we are trying to use dataload rules.


      When we retrieve and check data we figure out that we are only able to recieve data through Partitioning,


      Is there any such limitation in Essbase or bug acknowledged by Oracle which does not allow dataload rule file & Partitioning both to work together at the same database or one to overwrite the other? Please provide the metalink for the same in such a case. ?


      Also I am receiving a Warning while running dataload rule which says:

      Hybrid Analysis spanning cannot be enabled on database [TDWRPT] in application [Reporting]. Check if the database has Hybrid Analysis and if span into relational source is enabled.


      Thanks in Advance