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    Solaris 11.2 with Solaris 10 zones on different netmask to global


      Hi. I'm fairly new to Solaris 11 (been using 10 for years though) and I'm struggling to achieve the following.


      I have 4 NICS on an M3000 which I've paired and using IPMP multipathing on 2 subnets. To simplify, NIC 1 & 2 are on subnet 1 (IPMP0) and NIC 3 & 4 are on subnet 2 (IPMP1). The global zone is using subnet 1 but I need to create zones (branded Solaris 10) using subnet 2.


      I've tried various configs but still can't get any zone to work on subnet 2. I also had issues using vnic's and exclusive IP within zones using subnet 1 and the way around this was to use shared-ip which works fine (using subnet 1). I've tried shared-ip and exclusive IP (using vnic) to get zones with subnet 2 working. Basically, when I configure a zone using subnet 2, I can't see anything else on that network and can't even ping the global zone. The zones that I've configured on subnet 1 can communicate with all address on subnet 1 and subnet 2 without issue.


      I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on the best way to achieve having zones using a different subnet to the global zone?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.