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    Previewing CM14.1 forms in BIP


      When I go into edit the forms and hit preview as (html, pdf, rtf...) the all give me an error. The only one that doesn't is the interactive. When you bring up the word document you receive a message stating that could not connect to the oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: Could not get data source connection for: CM_US_SQL

      One thing I did notice is that it is looking for parameters, but before when I had cm14 and installed I was able to preview the forms without, I thought, modifying anything.

      I did see something that you have to go into cm and copy the link and then take those values and put them in the sample file...


      Any insight.

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          Rudy Ising

          1.  When running forms or reports in PCM (14 or 14.1) the ONLY option available to users there is PDF type.  Other BI output types (interactive, html, etc) are not supported in the PCM interface, so attempting to preview the report in BI in one of the other types might be interesting to see, but no impact for CM users.

          2.  What it sounds like, though, is that your BI instance is not set up with the CM_US_SQL jdbc connection, and since all the default forms use this connection, you would either have to edit the data model and change the data connection to the name you use, or you should have your BI administrator make sure that CM_US_SQL connection is set up properly.  When previewing the report, first thing it will do is attempt to use the data connections in the data model, and if those error, you'll get an error on preview. 


          Once that is set up, to preview a form or report that has retrieval arguments--project_name or vendor_type, etc--you would still need to fill those in in BI to actually perform the preview with data.  This is the same as all BI versions, as well as the same as it was in the earlier PCM versions that used Infomaker.  With the exception of multiproject reports (that have no criteria) other forms/reports need to know a) which project you want to retrieve and for forms b) which specific record (master_key) you want.  Without that information, the document won't preview.

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            I appreciate the response Rudy. I agree with you assumption with the other views, but my main is the pdf. What I am really looking to do, which is preview the forms with the sample data. When I had installed I was able to view the form/reports/.. with the sample data. For some stupid reason I can't see to do that. I have an sr open with oracle and they can't seem to 1 figure out what I am talking about 2 fix the issue. I'm going to go stupid and possibly re-install obiee again or maybe just upgrade my install which I hate doing.

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              Rudy Ising

              So the "Sample Data" found in the out of the box forms/reports in the data models would include data found in the old "DEMO" projects in the CM database.


              If you have somewhere along the line removed those projects then the preview using that criteria wouldn't work because those values would be gone from the database connection.


              In any case, when you click View Report in BI, you'll need to supply the criteria values in order to preview the report.  (reports likely project_name and vendor_type; forms likely project_name and master_key.)  As you mention, you should be able to obtain these from the sample data xml.  Another place is in PCM, right click on the link to a record (i.e. one transmittal) and copy hyperlink to notepad.  In that URL you'll see the retrievals (project_name and master_key).  You can then use those in BI to preview the form.


              The only time in BI that a document will preview without entering this information in the browser in the boxes for them is if you're previewing a multi-project report, which has no retrieval arguments.


              I hope this helps.

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                What you saying makes sense and that seems the only way to get anything to appear, but it is a lot more cumbersome. You have to have the right info the DEMO DEMO doesn't work so you have to go and find one that does.


                In bi pub I was able to easily just use the sample data in the xml file under the data model.

                Since you seem to have some knowledge. I was also trying to open the cm14.1 form to edit them in word. Any suggestions because that doesn't seem as staright forth as I would have imagined either. (trying to get rid the running lines on reports)

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                  Rudy Ising

                  If the DEMO project still existed in your database, then DEMO would work because the records in the old sample data would be in the database.  But if you've connected to a database without those projects, then you'll have to create your own sample data.


                  For forms and using the RTF templates--the out of the box form designs were created in the web tool and those layouts cannot be opened in the RTF tool.  So what you'd have to do would be create new layouts from scratch--sorry.


                  As to sample data and the data model to work in the RTF tool here's two things:


                  1.  Save new sample data.

                  In any given data model click on the XML and enter arguments for your current projects.  Once you retrieve this in the XML screen, there's an option in the selection to save this as "Sample Data"  That will REPLACE the DEMO project data with your new projects.


                  2.  Export Sample data to XML

                  Also, retrieve the XML and there's an option to "Export" xml.  Save this on your local hard drive and then you can use that with the RTF tool to build any RTF layouts.

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                    Rudy Ising

                    Also, once you create RTF layouts and upload those, when you click the EDIT it will prompt to SAVE the RTF template to your hard drive to modify, where if the layout is created in the web version it will just open in the web.

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                      So to get rid of the paragraph deal, which needs to be done with the word plugin you need recreate all those forms?

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                        Rudy Ising

                        Only RTF templates print paragraph spacing when printed.  The web-version layouts print description fields as one long blob (no paragraph spacing)


                        So yes, if you're using the original BI defaults (created with web layouts) you'd have to re-create these with the RTF tool.  You can re-use the data model, and just create the form layout.


                        I have not tested the layouts found in CM14.1, but presume they have not changed.


                        Sorry to be the bearer of this news...On the upside, this will give you some good experience learning the RTF tool in BI!