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    Paste not working when Smart View Add-in Enabled




      I'm running into a strange issue.  In one of our workbooks, I'm unable to copy and paste data from one tab to another, within the same workbook.  After I select "Copy," once I click on another tab, I lose the ability to paste.  Paste is grayed out, and if I return to the original tab, the cells are not selected anymore.  After doing some googling, it appears this can be due to an add-in issue.  I did some troubleshooting, and it appears that it's the Smart View Add-in that is causing the issue.  If I disable this add-in, I have no issues copying and pasting between tabs.  What's strange is the tabs I'm copying and pasting to don't have retrieves, and I'm not even connected to Smart View.  To complicate things further, this is only happening on 1 workbook.  All other workbooks are fine.


      Any thoughts?  Has anyone run into a similar issue before?


      I'm on Excel 2010 and Smart View (Build 247).