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    Does db_hotbackup work under Linux 3.0?


      Does anyone know how to build BDB such that db_hotbackup works under Linux?  I always get


         db_hotbackup: BDB5129 Cannot copy data from a PRIVATE environment

         db_hotbackup: BDB5043 HOT BACKUP FAILED!


      I'm using SUSE Linux 3.0.82-0.7-default, and get the same messages under RedHat 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64.  It actually did work under a free EC2 instance running Amazon Linux 3.10.42-52.145.amzn1.x86_64, but I'd love to make it work under SUSE.


      None of the configuration advice in "Chapter 7. Building Berkeley DB for UNIX/POSIX" has worked for me.


      [ This is a follow-on to my question of July 13, 2014: "Linux, want DB_PRIVATE off". ]

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          We can take a look at this but it would be easiest if you give us a reproducible test case.   Please provide the code used to create the database, load a small amount of dummy data into the database and how you are calling db_hotbackup.   




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            Sure.  Some Perl code below.  After running it, I tried "db_hotbackup -h test -b /tmp".


            Thanks for looking into it.




            -------- before running, do "rm -fr test; mkdir test" --------

            #!/usr/bin/env perl


            use 5.006;

            use strict;

            use warnings;

            use DB_File;


            my %h;

            my $filename = 'test/test.bdb';

            my $db = tie %h, 'DB_File', $filename, O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0666, $DB_BTREE or

              die "Cannot open $filename: $!\n";


            $h{the} = 'quick';

            $h{brown} = 'fox';

            $h{jumped} = 'over';


            undef $db;

            untie %h;

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              in your sample code you are not creating an environment.   db_hotbackup is for environments.   Please see documentation for db_hotbackup.  It says "The db_hotbackup utility creates "hot backup" or "hot failover" snapshots of Berkeley DB database environments"   If the OS you are running on meets the conditions, you can try a -F ... This can force a backup of a db file.  see the doc for more detals...


                Directly copy from the filesystem. This option can  CORRUPT the backup if used while the environment is active and the operating system does not support atomic file system reads. This option is known to be safe only on UNIX systems, not Linux or Windows systems.

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                Thanks for the tip.  I had some success, by converting the sample code to "use BerkeleyDB" (instead of "use DB_File") and explicitly creating an environment.  It was tricky to do because it appears that to create an environment deliberately requires initializing both the transaction and memory pool subsystems (is this documented somewhere?).  It finally worked to create the environment with


                my $env = new BerkeleyDB::Env

                                -Home => 'test',

                                -Flags => DB_CREATE | DB_INIT_TXN | DB_INIT_MPOOL,

                        or die "No env created";

                The odd thing is that I don't need to create an environment on Solaris, OS X, or Amazon Linux, ie, the DB_File sample code I supplied worked with db_hotbackup.  But I do have to create it explicitly on SLES and RedHat.