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    Incorporate Oracle Corporate SSO

    Sumit Biswas-Oracle



      I have a sample application deployed in WebLogic 12c and current goal is to incorporate Oracle Corporate SSO with the application.

      I am following processes mentioned in CorporateSSOPartnerApplicationRequest.


      Below are the steps I followed.

      1. Server: Linux 64-Bit (Stage Environment)
      2. JDK: 1.7.0_65 64-Bit
      3. Followed the prerequisite to setup DNS alias.
      4. Installed WebLogic 12c ( (with Coherence as default)
      5. Deployed application (developed in grails) war file in WLS. Note: Grails application didn’t work in WLS 11g, hence had to use WLS 12c.
      6. As prerequisite for Partner Application, root context and default port has been changed in weblogic 12c to get desired URL for the application. Note: Below url are from WebLogic running in port 80.
        1. http://myserver.oracle.com/ - Displays the application welcome page
        2. http://myserver.oracle.com/osso_login_success - Displays the login success page
        3. http://myserver.oracle.com/osso_logout_success - Displays the logout success page
      7. Partner Application SR has been raised and received osso.conf file
      8. WebTier (OHS) has been installed as per first URL above and it points to WebLogic 12c
        1. OHS status is alive and can be accessed using http://myserver.oracle.com:7777/
      9. Webgate has been installed as per first URL above and it points to WebLogic 12c
      10. WebGate Post Installation Steps has been completed
      11. Raised a SR for Request WebGate creation on OAM and waiting for response



      How do I configure mod_osso with the osso.conf file I received from idm team?

      How do I redirect to SSO login page when user access the application?

      Any wiki page, documentation or any help would be great. Thanks in advance!


      Thanks and Regards,

      Sumit Biswas