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    iRecruitment business events not enqueued in wf_deferred


      Hi all!

      We are on EBS R12.2.3 after upgrading from R11.5.10CU2 and we have the following situation: iRecruitment business events not enqueued in wf_deferred.

      I have tried running a test on oracle.apps.per.irc.api.asg_status.create_irc_asg_status event (raise in plsql); the message on the page states the event has been raised, but when I query wf_deferred table, I cannot find it there. iRecruitment product is licensed, so are the event and the event subscription. The event is active.

      When running the test on oracle.apps.fnd.wf.ds.user.updated event, the event is raised (I can see it in wf_deferred and also in OAM agent activity page as processed).

      Any ideea why this is happening or what I can do to debug this issue?

      Best regards,